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Bana Soft

The team and experts of Bana Soft provided many software solutions and smart applications that work in an interconnected and integrated manner that depends on them in organizing the management of establishments, business organization and facilitating tasks for employees in small, medium and large companies. Business planning, direction and control by controlling the flow of data and organizing operations between branches and departments, in addition to adding the transformation of internal administrative policies into software systems that are easy to follow, so we are not just spent and reformulated software solutions, Bana Soft is a strategic partner with you in maximizing capital, success and business development.

Bana Soft

Main Components

Inventory Management System, Warehouse and Electronic Invoice

Bana Soft Through the inventory system, warehouses, inputs and outputs can be managed from the supplier to the facility and from the facility to the customer, whether commercial or service, in addition to sales operations of all kinds and purchases of all kinds that support them electronic invoice as required by the requirements of the Zakat, Income and Customs Authority, in addition to the abundance of reports that support this The aspect of reports of materials / customer / supplier / purchases / sales / value-added report sales and purchases ... etc. In addition to the establishment of receivable funds, bank management and account statements for customers’ income and supplier purchases expenses with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of users and managing their powers Such as giving permission only to an employee to create a sales invoice only with its reports, with the possibility also to give permission to another employee to create purchase invoices as an example of that.

Automated Accounting System

Bana Soft The automated accounting system enables companies and establishments to manage their accounts automatically, with flexibility and ease through many automated accounting screens, so that the Bana Soft system is characterized by creating entries automatically with the ability to enter entries manually also in addition to many detailed financial reports that support this aspect The accounting aspect of Bana Soft is also characterized by the possibility of creating an unlimited number of cost centers so that the management can know the cost of each branch / department / project ... etc. In addition to the abundance of financial reports that support this aspect as well so that a trial balance and income list can be created on the The branch/project level in particular or at the level of the facility in general, in addition to the journal display screen for the automated entries made on the system. In this aspect, Bana Soft also has the ability to upload and archive documents and documents on the system as reinforcers of entries, which helps to end paperwork and manual archiving with many of the Features that can be displayed through a meeting to view the program in detail.

HR System

Bana Soft Bana Soft also provided its customers with the possibility of adding the human resources program, managing employees through fingerprint, attendance and leaving, handling employee delays and vacations, creating contracts, raising contracts on the system, in addition to uploading the documents of each employee and archiving them on the system automatically, in addition to calculating salaries automatically and with the click of a button, with ease and convenience with The possibility of raising the salary file directly to the bank regarding wages protection / extended periods. The human resources system also supports many reports that help the administration to track employees, attendance, leave, vacations, etc., as required by the regulations in the Social Insurance Institution with many other features that can be displayed through A meeting to present the program in detail.

Employee Task Management Software

Bana Soft The Bana Soft management program provides a program for managing employee tasks at the level of branches / project / departments / employee by creating work tasks and linking them to the date of completion or the percentage of completion and the type of task / tasks with its tracking in terms of the employee sending the task with the option of a sender and the future employee the task with an option under processing On the approval of the task by the employee and the option of handing over upon completion of the task by the employee so that the reports show to the management the percentage of completion / time for each task and the number of tasks.

CRM System

Bana Soft The customer management program allows, through a website, to open a communication channel so that a secret number is created by the customer, enters the company’s website and uploads his information such as / commercial register and tax number, the company’s website ... etc. With the possibility of ordering a commodity from the company and choosing the desired goods or services with The possibility of also communicating with customer service in case of inquiries with many features related to this aspect.

Mobile App

Bana Soft The Bana Soft program had an exclusive imprint in the world of technology by creating an application used through the mobile phone, through which purchases / sales / quotations invoices can be created and the account statements of customers and suppliers can be viewed and sent through WhatsApp, in addition to reviewing the reports related to this aspect.

Technical support

Bana Soft Bana Soft provides a technical support service so that there is an experienced consultant staff who provide support to the client through any financial or human resources advice, or with regard to any update or adding a screen to the system according to the client’s desire at all times with training on the system for all employees.